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• If you RSVP “yes” – we expect you to show up. Week after week, we have 64 RSVPs and a wait-list. When someone RSVP’s “yes” but then no-shows, they have denied someone else the opportunity to attend. Those that fail to honor our RSVP policy will be removed from the group.

• Pay $2 cash per meeting you attend, or pre-pay for the calendar year by becoming an EDN Sponsor for $120, pro-rated throughout the year. $1 per attendee per meeting is to tip Highland Park Cafeteria’s waitstaff, and the other dollar goes toward nominal expenses throughout the year. What is not spent, is donated to local charities at year’s end. Being as such, we would gladly accept your contribution of more than $2 should you be feeling generous.

• Don’t use 1:1’s as a sales call, rather an opportunity to get to know the member, hear their story, and learn how best to help them build their business.

• Honor our strictly enforced “No Spam / No Cold-Call” policy. Those that fail to honor this policy will be removed from the group immediately. Simply put, DO NOT SPAM OR COLD CALL OUR MEMBERS!

• Try to park on the East side of the building, along the fence line. Highland Park Cafeteria has been a generous host since our inception, and we need to be respectful guests. Parking on the side allows more spaces for HPCs busy lunch crowd.

• Please use tables for 1:1’s. Highland Park Cafeteria guests like booths too. Again, let’s be respectful of our venue host, by allowing their guests use of the booths.

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